About us

Not all perspectives are created equal, neither are all consultants.

What if you could choose someone who makes it their business to truly understand your people, processes, and systems? Who works with you to dig deep, peel back the layers, and discover the answers to even your most complex challenges? Who’s committed to the idea that better solutions are found through relationships—not despite them? You can, welcome to sms4airports.

sms4airports is a collaborative partnership between various technical and business partners and managed by Joanne Landry. We bring more than just our individual expertise to SMS; we share a passion for safety, for people, and for airports. Our partnership is founded on a handshake, trust, and hard work. We’re here to help.

Over the past ten years, Joanne and her partners have led SMS and safety projects at more than 18 US airports. As part of our work we envisioned a site where airports can 1) access SMS information that relates directly to Part 139 operators; 2) receive updates on national legislation and rulemaking efforts; 3) find links to references, conferences, and seminars; and 4) engage consultants who are experienced in SMS for US airports.

That’s our goal for sms4airports.com and we hope you find it useful and relevant to your SMS or safety project.